Adventure Awaits!

I know most people do not associate the Bible with adventure at all.  In fact, most of us think about sitting in church falling asleep as the Bible is being read to us.  However, reading the book of Acts is pretty exciting!  There is plenty of adventures in this book. And all of them start by someone following the Holy Spirit.

First the disciples see Jesus ascend and then they wait for the Holy Spirit to come to them.  When it does come, they get flames of fire on their heads and speak in foreign languages.  After sharing the gospel in multiple languages, they grow by leaps and bounds – the same way our churches are longing to grow!!  Unfortunately, not all the adventures are good, Stephen is arrested and stoned.  Later we hear that James too dies because of his faith in Jesus. Despite persecution, all the disciples seem to have great success in sharing the gospel.  But then in complete irony, Saul – well known for his cruelty to the followers of Jesus -- is blinded while on his way to arrest more followers of the Way and becomes a follower himself. Then the adventure really begins!

Paul travels all over the known world sharing the gospel.  During his travels, he gets arrested several times and he travels far and wide.  In the meantime, Peter is even convinced that it is time to share this news with the Gentiles after a crazy dream and a visit in a Gentile home.  Peter also finds himself arrested and left free when an angel visits him!  Paul is left for dead once.  He is shipwrecked on Malta as he finally journeys to Rome. While on the island, he gets bit by a venomous snake but is healed immediately because of his faith in Christ.  The cruise to Rome is not exactly as he planned since he is under arrest at the time!  But throughout all of his adventures, more and more people start following Jesus. The church both inside Jerusalem and around the Roman Empire grows.

The action never seems to stop in the book of Acts.  In real life if we are listening for the Holy Spirit, we will soon find that our faith adventures begin too.  We may find ourselves in odd places.  We might find ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  We might even face danger at times because of our faith.  But in everything we do, if we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will find people who need to experience the love and grace of Christ!  After all the command from Jesus at the beginning of Acts is to share the gospel with the whole world!  Listen to what the Holy Spirit is calling you to do, then get out and start your next faith adventure.